December ice video...Parasol Gully, NH

Can you believe the wild weather we had over the last few days? The Northern Vertical kingdom is chock full of white and blue, the makings for vertical dreams and mountain adventures. I love this time of year because it brings so much cheer and gratitude for what is behind us. What lies ahead, #iloveiceclimbing is the journey of one step, one swing, one climb in front of the other. The continuous process of preparing for and executing the mountain lifestyle. For some, this exciting adventure happens just once a year and for others, every weekend. How will you make the most of your mountain play this 2016/17 season. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this video and you will surely find some motivation to get outdoors, or you may realize you need to purchase that article of clothing or climbing equipment to get you on your way. Whatever the case may be I look forward to seeing you outdoors this season. Happy climbing!

P.S. No dogs were harmed during this video, especially "Yummy".