Hi, my name is RYAN HOWES - health coach, guide and owner of NORTHERN VERTICAL. My mission is simple: Connect with Nature - Connect with Self. Men's HEALTH and ADVENTURE is my specialty.  

Photo:  Lily Piel

Photo: Lily Piel

After climbing for 20 years I have learned that good health and happiness is key to human performance and loving life. Mindfulness practices, high-quality whole food, loving relationships and regular body maintenance are key elements that I share with my clients.  Are you ready to bring more adventure and healthy living into your life?

During the 2017/18 ice climbing season a unique weather event called the "BOMB CYCLONE" worked its way up the Atlantic Ocean and created a special new ice climb in Camden, Maine that I was fortunate to climb. The video below "First Ascent-bomb Cyclone" shows both drone and up close footage of all the action. Thank you to Maine Today Media and Photojournalist Michael G. Seamans for the video!