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Welcome to Northern Vertical! You are one step closer to Taking the LEAP with professional mountain guide, athlete and health coach, Ryan Howes. You may be looking for a motivational speaker, you may be looking to transform your health, you may be looking for the # 1 climbing guide in Maine to craft your next personalized adventure, or you may be looking for a combination of these things. At Northern Vertical, health and adventure is life and living.

All climbing instruction and personalized adventures are created and led by Professional Rock and Ice Climbing Guide and Health Coach Ryan Howes, who integrates the components of integrative health: mindfulness nutrition, movement, adventure and nature into his climbing experiences and health coaching programs so you can thrive. Mind-body health is paramount, so check out the video below, explore the site and let’s connect.

The long list of athletic accomplishments that I am personally proud of are nothing compared to overcoming a serious health challenge. At 30 years old I was sick and nobody knew how to help me. Long story short, I had an undiagnosed illness that was partially stress induced. The number one cause of death in America is Stress in the form of heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other lifestyle related illnesses. I changed my life and I changed my health. Two years later, I ran a 50 mile ultra-marathon without training and followed that up with a 100. I started climbing harder rock and ice climbs. The changes I made led me to becoming a Health Coach. I created the LIVE LOVE LEAP coaching program for men, because men deserve to thrive and this program works!

Ryan continues to challenge and encourage me. His love of climbing and healthy living is infectious and I’m motivated more than ever to fuel my body with the whole foods it wants, to live in the present moment and to step outside my comfort zone.
— Joel Burns
Ryan helped me reach important goals and change my life at 76. I was overweight, getting stiff and feeling stuck. I am now 15 pounds lighter, eating well, exercising and stretching everyday, and much more flexible, energetic and optimistic about life. He provided solid, helpful information and taught, guided, coached and cheered. As a result, this next phase of my life may be the best yet.
— Dan Cheever

“Take the LEAP”

I encourage you to Take the LEAP with me as your guide on a journey to discover a mindful approach to life and living .

Hi, my name is Ryan Howes…

I believe that connecting with nature helps us to connect with ourselves. The profound and simple idea that “we are nature” is evident when we stretch our limits in direct contact with wild places.

Photo:  Lily Piel

Photo: Lily Piel

Joel Burns

“I have to say working with Ryan has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had. He has helped unlock a part of me I didn't know was there. Achieving the daily climbing goals we set out is exciting but what lasts even longer is the confidence to look at a challenge (physical or otherwise) and think, "Yeah, I got this..."


After climbing for 20 years and professional guiding for 12, I have learned that good health and happiness is key to human performance and thriving. Mindfulness practices, high-quality whole food, loving relationships and regular body maintenance are key elements that I share with my climbing and health clients.  Are you ready to bring more adventure and healthy living into your life? Email me below.

In the NEWS… Ryan Howes of Northern Vertical with Michael G. Seamans of the Morning Sentinel have won Maine Associated Press Video of 2018.

During the 2017/18 ice climbing season a unique weather event called the "BOMB CYCLONE" worked its way up the Atlantic Ocean and created a special new ice climb in Camden, Maine that I was fortunate to climb. The video "First Ascent-bomb Cyclone" shows both drone and up close footage of all the action. Thank you to Maine Today Media and Photojournalist Michael G. Seamans for the video!