Daily Practice


8:00 - 9:00 am

$35 weekly series or $10 drop-in

104 Main Street | Belfast | Maine


Join me for this weekly series that integrates whole health through Daily Practice of Mindfulness, Exercise and Nutrition. I have designed this series for local, busy professionals who struggle to feel healthy while balancing a full career and personal life. Daily Practice covers theory, philosophy, strategy, tips and hands-on experience for sustaining a "feel good" body, mind and spirit. It will inspire compassion, joy and overall well-being. My goal is for you to incorporate Daily Practice into your life, so I recommend signing up for the five-day weekly series in order to experience the full effect on your overall well-being. Of course, feel free to drop-in on a class that suits your schedule and needs. Door opens at 7:45 am.


Monday: Mindfulness

Compassion and awareness for others and self through a variety of group and individual stress-relieving techniques, conscious breathing and meditation. Find balance and connection by going inside.


Tuesday: 5 Tibetans

"You're only as young as your spine is flexible"

These five exercises keep Tibetan Monks on their A-Game by incorporating mindful movements with conscious breathing. They engage and strengthen the entire body and core muscles, while improving posture and spinal flexibility.

*Bring your personal yoga mat and blanket.


Wednesday: Writing Health

This group centered Health Coaching class explores integrative health through discussion and journaling. By using powerful questions for introspection and written reflection, I create a safe and non-judgmental environment to openly share what is "new and good" what are your health concerns, what health goals you would like to achieve, and the support to dream big and accomplish those goals.

*Bring your favorite journal or notebook and something to write with.


Thursday: Tabata

Sweating is really good for you and can be expected in my interval training class. I am a professional athlete and skilled teacher focused on supporting everyone's needs and abilities. We will gradually warm up, sweat, cool down and stretch. Tabata harnesses your inner athlete, increases VO2 max and metabolic rate for daily caloric burn.

*Bring comfortable exercise clothing, indoor shoes, water and towel.


Friday: Food

Nutrition is a fledgling science. Ever wonder why there are over 100 dietary theories? Tired of hearing dogmatic nutritional advice? This class will discuss food theory, philosophy and history right up to present day food systems. You will learn practical skills and techniques for fueling your unique body and how to do so in a cost effective manner. Tap into mindful, intuitive eating in this whole food based yummy class. Time to roll up our sleeves. Food is medicine.

*Bring an appetite!

Class sizes are intimately capped at six participants for quality control. 

Contact me to reserve your spot for next week's session.